Saturday, December 6, 2014

A rather successful Saturday

This time of year is always rather stressful.  It's a mad rush of things that need to be prepared for next year.  The biggest of all of these tasks is graduate applications.  The job involves scanning, uploading, filing and data entry.  It's hours of work for weeks on end.  The worst of it happens around this time.  The dreaded deadline.

After working all day on this for most of the week, I spent 6 hours today hunched over my keyboard to get the rest of it done.  (And my back is paying for it.  Ow)

And I did.

I also managed to run, play some Just Dance, vacuum 2 rooms and put away a mountain of clean clothes.

It feels rather good to have accomplished so much, while at home in my jammies.

Tomorrow is the Christmas Town Dash, and the beginning of my birthday week.  We're doing a trip out to the park after the race.

I'm turning 40.  And I plan on ringing in my 40th year riding the rather tame rides at Busch Gardens.

And now, to wait for the Spousal Equivalent to come home so I can dye my hair.  After missing a chunk of it once, I need a spotter to help!

Have a wonderful Saturday everyone!

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