Saturday, November 22, 2014

Eating Locally: 3 new restaurant reviews

Over the last few months a bunch of "mom 'n' pop" eateries have opened near us.  The Spousal Equivalent and I decided that we'd try them out!

from Facebook, because we were too hungry to take a picture
The first one that we tried was Mr. Gyros and Burgers.  We've been watching them renovate the old Greyhound station for a few months now.  The fare is Greek based, with the addition of burgers.  As the name implies.

the burger (I got a Greek burger) wasn't anything to write home about, but I put Gyro sauce on it, when made it pretty darn tasty.

There isn't much in the way of seating inside, with the exception of a counter and a few stools.  It's clearly a "take it and go" kind of place.

We want to go back and actually try the Greek food!

Earlier this week we got pizza from Emo Italiano Pizza.  These people have an IMPRESSIVE menu of Greek and Italian food, as wekk as burgers, subs and sandwiches.

As you can see, this place has a few tables to sit and eat.  It's also within walking distance to our place.  And they deliver!

The pizza?  It's not bad.  I want to try their Chicken Parm, which is a weakness of mine.

Today, we rounded out or tour with Viking Burger.  This place is relatively new, and (I believe) owned and run by members from the local branch of the SCA.  (hence the name)

I must say that I didn't really get what I ordered....  (I orders a single Thor burger with out the lettuce tomato, pickle and raw onion. and WITH grilled onions... I got a double cheeseburger) but I was hungry and it was GOOD.  toasted buns,m flavorful patties.  And fresh cut fries (the menu says they are massacred fresh every day).  The place really doesn't have much seating, (like Mr. Gyros) so we took our food to go.

The SE was SO HAPPY with his food.  Even the dog liked the fries.  (well, she loves all food, so she's easy to please).

We definitely want to try these guys again.  I hear that there is Viking Sauce, which we remembered as we were leaving with our loot..  I must investigate the next time that we're there.

And maybe I'll get my burger with the grilled onions....

The prices on all of these?  Reasonable.  Both of the burger joints had prices that were comparable with Hardees and the pizza place was actually almost the price of Papa Johns.

Honestly, of all of these places, I see us going back to Viking Burger the most!

But honestly, with such good local food, why even frequent the chain places?

In Summary:

  • Mr Gyros and Burgers:  The burgers are ok... the jury is out until we try their Greek food.
  • Emo's Italiano:  Good pizza, and GREAT prices.  I can even walk there.
  • Viking Burger:  GREAT burgers.  2 thumbs and 2 paws up from our household

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