Saturday, November 29, 2014

Christmas is Coming to Busch Gardens

Since Thanksgiving has come and gone, I am now free to begin my Christmas Festivities!

  • The tree is up.
  • I have lights hung around the front window.
  • Stockings are hung on the wall with care.
  • I found my collection of Christmas Socks.  (It's a family tradition to wear them every day in December)
  • And last, but not least, We went to Christmas Town!

I've honestly been waiting for that last one for MONTHS now.  It actually opened last weekend, but we didn't get a chance to get there until yesterday.

Why do I love Christmas Town?

I tweeted last night:

It's the honest truth.  Not all the rides are open (Only 1 roller coaster is open, but the more carnival-ly rides are open).  Not all the parts of the park are open (the Sesame Street area is blocked off).  But everything that is open is covered in lights.  They bring in potted pine trees, reminding me of a time before I was allergic to pine (it's fake trees for me, sadly).  The restaurants have Christmas dinner themed meals.  And everywhere that you look there is hot chocolate.  The shows are Christmas themed.  The newest show, Scrooge No More is fantastic!

Buy a mug, it makes refills cheaper.  And you'll want refills.  Especially of the peppermint fudge hot chocolate.

The park is open from 2 to 10 most nights, but it's only after the sun goes down that the magic in the park happens.  And it is magic.


Next weekend is the annual Christmas Town Dash 8K.  That was my first race.  That race is the
reason that I'm a runner today.  It's also my birthday the next day.  Next week I'm going to run that race, then later on I'll come back with my friends and we'll have hot chocolate and ride some rides.

And since we're home for the Holidays, and have a season pass, I suspect that we might spend quite a few evenings in December wandering the park and soaking in the magic.

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