Saturday, September 6, 2014

Bay Days 8K

How to sum up today:  HOT.

See this picture?  This is my running crew.  the lovely people of my Weight Watchers meeting.

And after the race started, we never got to take a picture.

So the race.  Now, as I have said, I've been sick for a week.  So I wasn't expecting much.  After mile 3 I walked the whole thing.  The course was BEAUTIFUL!  I saw various things:  A carful of nuns, a lady running with her stroller of dogs, people pushing their disabled children in strollers.

I'm practically in tears when I round the corner and see the Spousal Equivalent.  Then, 20 FEET from the finish line, I can't breathe.  It was like my throat was closing when I inhaled.  The very nice lady that was handing out water bottles took me to the med tent.  They calmed me down and cooled me off.   When I didn't feel like I was going to pass out, I clung to the SE and we left, not before getting a medal.  I finished this bitch.  I'm getting a medal.

I was taken home.  I laid down.  I took a cold shower.  Then we decided.  (Well, I decided) that I wanted to ride 2 rides, so we went to eat lunch at Busch Gardens.  Well, I rode 2 different rides than I intended (The swings in Octoberfest?  No), and my battery ran out.

Now, it's time for a chick flicks and puppy cuddles.

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