Sunday, August 24, 2014

What a long strange week it's been....

The week before classes starts is usually this mad push to get everything done.  This year it's had some extra challenges.  Well, one challenge...

The building's elevator is being repaired!

And we just got new carpeting....

And rooms were painted....

So this was my week:

  • Monday:  The contents of my office were in the hall.  But the asbestos-y tiles in my office were gone.  No elevator.  My list of unwanted furniture grew
  • Tuesday: The carpeting arrived!  I then decided to start moving the furniture back into my office. 
  • Wednesday:  I walked all over campus and rubbed all the skin off my little toe.
  • Thursday and Friday:  I hauled crap everywhere!  Boards and shelving from the 3rd and 4th floors down to the second floor.  Food and sodas from my car to the library.  Food from various locations in town to the library...
  • Saturday was PrideFest:  It was hot, and humid, and rainy....  I think my lips are sun burnt and now I'm dehydrated.  I think I might have enjoyed it more if I wasn't do damn tired!
I averaged 12,000 steps a day.  

Mind you, after I rubbed the skin off my toe, I stopped running.  That's a lot of steps!!  After seeing the totals, I felt rather OK with not exercising.  Apparently I was getting enough at work.

That craziness is over now.  This week is going to be spent waiting for the elevator to work again, and for Moving and Storage to haul many, many, many things away.

In other news, I start a new DietBet today.  Coincidentally, I also have to step up my half-marathon training.  Let's hope the promise of money will help me cheat less and exercise more!

And let's hope that 

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