Friday, August 1, 2014

The Worst Monday in the history of Mondays

(This is a post that was started on the 15th.... and not posted until the window was repaired)

After a long day at work, I went home.  Dinner was started.

I turned on the stove, to let my griddle pan warm up.  I then put some frozen veggies in a pan and turned it on.  I ran outside to pull a few weeds.

And the door locked behind me.

I'm out there.  No keys.  No phone.  No shoes.

What else could I do?  I panicked.

I tried to bust through my door.  No dice.

Finally a nice bystander offered to get over the fence to my back yard and break the window in my laundry room door.  I walked over broken glass, and turned off the stove.

And then I lost it.  It was a panic attack of epic proportions.  (So bad that I was shaky the NEXT day).  I called a multitude of people.  many came over to make sure that I was physically ok.

Friends came over.  The glass was cleaned up.  The glass was picked out of my feet.  I eventually cleaned the kitchen, and even managed to salvage my pans from the burnt dinner.

What is up with the face?????

The Spousal Equivalent ran out to the closest fast food joint and came back with a Happy Meal.  He knows what I like.

I discovered that the dog took a crap on the bed.  I'm not surprised.

Which was the perfect end to the crappiest day!

For a few weeks we lived with the cardboard on the door.  The dog's kennel was upstairs.  Life was a tad disrupted.

But yesterday that all changed!
Thanks to the most wonderful friend ever (and a trip to Lowes) my door is fixed!!

I now have to get a vacuum and make sure all the glass and paint chips and calk are up....

But it's fixed!!

And now I'm OBSESSIVE about having my keys on me.

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I'm happy I could help, it was my pleasure!