Thursday, July 3, 2014

I need tomorrow to happen... NOW

Last night I looked in the fridge and declared that I didn't need to cook a full meal, as we had lunches for today.  So I put in a frozen pizza.  Like usual, I put a sprinkling of extra cheese on it.

While it cooked, there was an odd smell.  I assumed it was the cake that I had baked yesterday, that some had leaked to the bottom of the oven.


The freshly cooked pizza was green.


I checked the cheese.... not green.  Weird...  The Spousal Equivalent called shenanigans and went out to get Little Caesars.

Fast forward to this morning.  The room was uncharacteristically hot last night.  I woke up feeling ill, so I went for a walk instead of a run.  

After the walk, Misty snuggled up on my lap.  She obviously planned on being there for the long hall.

Tomorrow puppy.  You can have lap time tomorrow.

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