Sunday, July 6, 2014

Can I get a vacation from my long weekend?

Saturday came in wet and cool, so I met a friend to go running.

I now know how out of shape I am!  After 5 miles I limped home.  After a shower we pick up a friend and went thrifting!  We had 2 missions:  shelves and a lamp!  Came home with 3 shelves, a floor lamp and shade and some legos.

We always come home with legos...

After we went back to the BFF's house for a BBQ.  I also picked up the boxes of china that have been in her basement for YEARS:
My grandmother's china.  The pink depression glassware that my Aunt set aside for me and my teacup collection.  Isn't it pretty???

Now I just have to throw a tea party!

Today was more low key.  I HURT from yesterday's run, so I took a bath and did some yoga.

I got injured doing yoga....  I know... it takes talent to injure one's self doing yoga.  Not just yoga!  Beginner's yoga!!

I have talent!

Right now dinner is cooking, and I'm working out a list of chores and workouts for the next week.  My goal for the next week:

Simply to do the list!!

This last week was pathetic how little housework I did!

Ok, off to finish my adult beverage and wait on dinner to cook!

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