Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Spring Cleaning.... in the summer....

It happens ever year.  We reach a point where things MUST be cleaned.

Usually that happens when company comes.

This time around it wasn't that bad.  We had to de-pet-smell the upstairs, clean the counters, put away laundry.  I still need to clean the stove and clean out my car... but I have like 24 hours still..

This time around we've noticed that our house is lacking some things.  There's not enough lighting in the dining room when the Spousal Equivalent has people over for gaming.  We have an extra TV that should go into the guest room (or Goodwill), but we need a table to put it on.  And we needed a new desk chair.

The picture isn't crooked... the chair is.  5 years of wear and tear killed it.

I now have a list of the items that we need (shelving, lamp, TV stand) in my purse, and we'll begin shopping sales.

All in all, I finally feel moved in, unpacked and settled.  I like this feeling!

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