Monday, June 30, 2014

A Wonderful Visit

Once a year in the summer my mom visits.

Over the years we've visited almost every historic site in the area, so we decided to do something different this time.  This time we:

  • Went to Busch Gardens, to the Food and Wine festival
  • Went to the Roller Derby
We had a good time!

The only dark mark on the trip was a reminder of my mother's age.  She just turned 70 this year.  We talked about who will be the executor of her will, what to do with all of my crap in the basement, who makes decisions on her advanced directive, where the current bills are....

I didn't want to hear that.  Grandpa was 98 when he died.  My mom is going to live forever!

But don't we all think that?

My mom is safely in the Airport, with a magazine.  By 1 she'll be in the air and on her way home.  And it struck me...  I might never see her again.  

And that through hurts.  So very much.

But I'm going to dry my eyes and go on with my day.

Besides... she's going to try to make it for Christmas!

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