Thursday, April 10, 2014

Will this week ever be over??

Ever have one of those weeks?  One of those weeks where if the pattern keeps up, by Friday lunch will consist of chocolate and wine?

We're having one of those weeks.

  • Not once, but twice this week I've fallen prey to "I dress in the dark."  Tuesday it was 2 clashing shades of brown.  Today it's wearing a navy sweater instead of the black one I thought I had on.
  • Work seems to have an escalating issue of craptastic things, mainly things out of our control causing issues with paperwork and the like.
  • There's an angry wasp in my office.
  • I made SPECTACULARLY bad food choices yesterday.  When will I learn that if I have the munchies, then I should just drink water.  (It's usually boredom, or me being unsettled, not hunger)
  • I have 4 doctor's appointments in the next week and a half
But there are some positives:
  • A local historic hotel is liquidating everything.  I REALLY want to get there this weekend and see what's there.
  • I bought myself a new necklace.  I have a 5K charm for when I run that race in May.  I hope to add other charms for the other distances I run.
  • Tomorrow is Friday!


Wesley said...

What hotel? Who knows, maybe we can car pool!

Unknown said...

What hotel? Who knows, maybe we can car pool!

Meari said...

The Caviler hotel in Va Beach. Not that I have money, but I wanted to poke around and see what they have for sale!