Monday, April 28, 2014

Why must the world parent for you?

I ran across a news story this morning that really bothered me.

Schools in Idaho banned The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian from being taught in the classroom.  So an industrious 10th grader amassed 700 copies, that he gave away for free.   Some parents called the police.

Called the police like the kid was giving away drugs in the park, and not books.

Why all this trouble?  Because there's mention of masturbation and some anti-Christian content.  It's on the list of frequently challenged books.

I look at the list every year and it makes me sigh.  These are books that have been pulled from libraries and schools.  (Ok.. I'll give them 50 Shades....)  Many of these books have wonderful empowering messages, but are banned because the parents don't want their children reading it.

What ever happened to simply telling your child that you don't want them reading it?  Or telling your child that you want to read it first?  Or that you read it together and discuss it?

Why do people jump right from them not liking it to wanting to make sure that no one can read, watch or see it?    What about the parents that think that their children are mature enough to handle these books shows and movies?  Why do the majority have to go without because a minority want the world to parent for them?

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