Sunday, March 30, 2014

The fear of missing out

This weekend was one of the two weekends a year where I work. It was open house. I spend a day and a half setting up, breaking down, setting out food, answering questions and otherwise attending to people's needs. It's exhausting.

So, instead of spending the night in, we went to the Roller Derby.

Years ago,I decided that I wanted to go out for the team. I wanted to be a derby girl.

Last night I really thought about it. Do I have the time and money? Money I can swing. But the time is at a premium. Add to that the fact that I turn 40 this year. I guess I'll have to shelve that particular desire.

Actually, there are a lot of things on that particular shelf.

  • There is my stint in the SCA. A friend of mine was elevated to the order of the Pelican, which made me think fondly on those times. A lack of money, and a complete lack of desire to research put that activity on the shelf.  I miss it, but I don't know if I fit well there.
  • At one point I wanted to go back to school, for student affairs, or some such. Student loans killed that one.

I don't wan tot get to the end of my life and regret not doing something...  BUT.. I also don't want to get there and regret not being able to do ANYTHING because I was spread too thin.

I think that instead I'm going to focus on what I can do.  And what I need to do

  • Finishing unpacking the house, cleaning it and making it fit for company
  • My weight Loss journey
  • Running the races that I've signed up for
  • Managing money so I can save for my dream vacation
  • spending time with my friends
  • and doing all other things as time permits.

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