Tuesday, March 18, 2014

My Morning involved a lot of Fail

Oh yes, there was so much fail.

I woke up, and the world was cold, rainy and windy.

The puppy and I got ready and left the house with the Spousal Equivalent to walk him to the bus stop.  We got to the corner just as a bus was pulling away.

Yup.  the 430.  His bus.  Now it could have been the early run leaving late.. or the later run REALLY early.  We didn't know.  But we decided to have me drive him.

This required gas in the car.  And a squirt bottle to keep Misty from barking at the windshield wipers.  We stop at Wawa, where the SE runs in to buy breakfast.  As we pull out he announces that he's calling in.

Back inside the house, I shower and make breakfast.  As I sit back to finish my coffee, the SE asks if I'm ready to go to work.  I think I growled at him and pointed at my cup.

We finally got ourselves going and I got to work.

One of my side projects I'm working on is tracking down my damn LivingSocial order!

I've never had a issue with LivingSocial or Groupon before.  And this isn't technically with them either.

on February 23rd I bought a LivingSocial voucher for wireless bluetooth headphones.  I redeemed it.  My card was charged by shopbeyond.co.  I didn't receive an email.  Or any communication.  So I decided to follow up.  The phone doens't get answered.  The "live chat" on the site failed.  I sent in an email and am waiting.

For their part, LivingSocial were angels and want me to follow up if I don't hear anything in 48 hours.

The only good thing this week?  I lost a bit of weight.

My goal for next week:  174 pounds.

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