Tuesday, January 7, 2014

It's cold, and I'm a wus!

Yesterday I looked at the weather report for today.  Low of 12.  High of 26.

Seriously?  This is the weather that I left New York for.

And the kicker?  It's too cold to actually snow!

Well, since I'd have to drive the Spousal Equivalent to work in the sub-zero o-dark-thirty, and I had 4 hours of leave that have to be used in the next few weeks... I took today off.

I had grand plans!  I was going to build my storage furniture and clean up the storage room!!  Well, one went together like a dream, and one I simply gave up on because I could not get it to go together.

So I left the half built shelves upstairs, and decided to wait for reinforcements.

And clean the kitchen in the meantime.

Through, while I sat on the couch and watched How the States Got Their Shapes, I decided that my next course of action was curtains.  I could feel the cold air seeping in through the glass!  I contemplated pinning a blanket up, but I couldn't find the thumbtacks.  I'm hoping to prepare for the next brush of cold that we're going to get this winter.  And I have a feeling it's coming.

So to sum up:

  • I used vacation time rather than get out this morning
  • I tried to get work done, but was outsmarted by Closet-maid shelves.
  • I've been watching the History Channel all day.
Yup.  Sounds about right!

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