Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Again... it's too damn cold!

So, it's no secret that it's cold out.

And, predictably, it has zapped any sort of motivation that I might have ever had.

Not only do I not want to go out to run right now.  I don't think I can.  Ever since getting sick, my lungs have been a bit fragile.  I'm using my inhaler more.  I'm coughing.  I can feel the post nasal drip choking me.

Add to this, I just haven't felt well in weeks.  Through in some cold and all I want is cookies and my blanket.

Today is Wednesday.  That's the day that my Weight Watchers points reset.  Tomorrow I'm going to work out with something a little more challenging that the Just Dance game on the Wii.  I have a pile of workouts on my Hulu queue.  Time to get working!

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