Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Today was a crappy day

I got home before the Spousal Equivalent... to the smell of.... well... poop... in the air.

There it was.  Smeared under Misty's cage.  poop.

I took her out.... and quickly realized that she wasn't feeling well.  (If you know what I mean.

The SE cleaned up the kitchen and poured food.  She didn't want it.

So I knew that something was up.

I soon realized what.

When she barfed.  Twice.

And the barf smelled like poop.  This is not a normal problem for her....  So I knew that I didn't have to worry on that matter.

But in the last two hours I:

  • cleaned up 3 piles of poopy vomit
  • cleaned the rags that were used to clean up said vomit
  • ended up just throwing those out....
  • shampooed the rugs.
  • scrubbed my tub.
In the end, I found some cash, handed it to the SE and sent him to Hardees.  I'm over trying to figure out what to eat.

Apparently tonight's going to be low key, making sure that Misty gets better.

I just pray that I'm done cleaning up dog vomit!

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Redheadedone said...

Oh no! Poor Misty. :( I hope she feels better soon. Sick pups are no fun at all.