Saturday, August 3, 2013

First World Issues

Today we went to the movies.  When we came back, I shouted for joy because our toilet flushed!  I laughed when I loudly proclaimed that the toilet flushed!  But it's only funny when it doesn't.. and you don't have a convenient outhouse.

Strange?  Well, it's not for us.  Once every few months (sooner if we have a lot of rain) our toilet ceases to flush.  Water rushes into the bowl.... but nothing leaves.  Gross?  It is!

Why?  Well, when we moved into our apartment there was a large tree right out front.  It's gone now, but the roots (and the roots of other trees) remain.  Apparently the roots have played havoc with the plumbing.

This is the joy of living in an apartment.  This isn't the first time that this has happened.  This won't be the last.  (Moving away requires a credit check and deposits that we don't have!)  When there is an issue, the apartment people tend to get someone out here rather quickly.

But why does it always happen after 7 PM on a Friday or Saturday?

Well, the heavens opened up again, so lets hope that I can still flush the toilet later on!

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