Tuesday, May 21, 2013

We just all need a little love

You see it again and again.  All last night and especially this morning the airwaves were flooded with pictures of the destruction in Oklahoma.  Miles of lives in ruin, people suffering the loss of life, and the loss of everything that they own.

Though, in among the loss, there are brief miracles.  This woman lost her dog, and found it, live on TV.  And I know, it's not a person, but as a pet owner I'd be devastated if our pets were lost in the storm.

(That reminds me... I need to microchip the puppy.... lest she get lost!)

My attention was drawn to Dearborn, Michigan this morning.  Dearborn has A LOT of Islamic people.  It has MANY MANY people of Arab descent there.  So, of course, it's a popular place for protesters.   So popular, in fact, that they had to cancel their yearly festival, because security was a problem.  Because the actions of the few are reflecting badly on the lives of the many.

There are some truths that need to be spoken about this.

  • When you get down to it, Fundamentalist Christianity and Fundamentalist Islam are more alike than different.  
  • American was not founded as a Christian Nation.
  • Muslims in the US aren't looking to establish Shi'ra law.  So stop trying to establish Christian Law.. or Jewish law...
  • The percentage of extremist Christians and extremist Muslims are small, when compared to the whole.  We need to stop letting the actions of a few color our perceptions of the many.
I know I've said this again and again... if we come to people with open minds and understanding, many of these tensions will naturally ease.

If we all share a little love, this country will be a more tolerant place.

And I for one, plan to share some love.

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