Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mother's Day, Spring Cleaning and Sad Goodbyes

Well, I'm on day 3 of my vacation.  What have I done?  Spring Cleaning!

On that topic.... I had a subscription to the Honest Company for a bit.  I like environmentally friendly safe for kids and pets cleaning products...

But man... the price was killing me!  $35 a month plus shipping.  I mean, yes, you get 5 products a month, but was it worth it?

Then I remembered... I have a bottle of all purpose cleaner concentrate from Ms. Meyer's Clean Day.  The bottle was about $12 and might last me the rest of my life.  So I cancelled my Honest Company subscription, and decided that when those products run out, I'm switching companies.

The reason for my vacation, was that A.) My office manager is back and B.) Commencement is over.  Sunday was commencement, which is the busiest time of the academic year (Besides Graduate Application time).  Sunday was also Mother's Day.

Mother's day has to be hard on some women.  Me?  I'm not a mom, and may never be one.  But some women aren't moms.  I think The Bloggess put it the best:
But you know who else deserves it?  The women who have struggled to be, or are still struggling to be moms.  The women who want children but just aren’t in a safe place in life to have them.  The women who don’t want kids and have to listen to a bunch of bullshit about how you’re only worthwhile if you’ve pushed a human out of your vagina.  The women who miss the children they once had.  The women who miss the children they lost before they ever met them.  The women who gave up their children so their child could have a better life than they could provide.  The women who were raised motherless, or with shitty mothers, or who have lost their mothers and are reminded of how alone they feel.  Mother’s Day is a confusing, weird, very-seldom-wrapped-up-with-a-nice-commercial-bow sort of day, and as for me, I salute you all – mothers or not…you’re here.  You’re alive.  You continue to survive.  You are worthwhile and wonderful.  Never forget that.

Today also marks the possible last time that I'll see my good friend before she moves away.  I'll miss her desperately.  She's my kindred spirit.

And this is what I wanted to tell her... but didn't... because I'd cry.


Redheadedone said...

I love and adore you. I will miss you terribly...already do. You know that cry I said I needed desperately? Well it came on the drive home from dropping you off. So, um, yeah.

Thank you for the song...right back at you, hun. ;)


Meari said...

I cried all while writing the post.

Love you, Red