Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Switched at Birth Fall Finale Recap

It's been a long and winding road for these families...

And it's been brought to an end.. for now.

Daphne, who seemed to be the kid that had it all together fell for an older man, her boss in fact, and he broke her heart.

Bay, being the temperamental one, ran away from home.

And why do we think these girls were traipsing down these dangerous roads?  Quite simply, their lives are chaos.

  • First the switch, and the move
  • Katherine wrote a book
  • The lawsuit against the hospital
  • Angelo, first leaving, then marrying Regina
In all of this, the girls were left to fend mainly for themselves.  Bay got into trouble, but no one seemed to slow down enough to really talk to her.  (She brings this on herself, but honestly, the parents are too hard on her)

Thankfully, Emmett is there.  His solution:  slow down and communicate.

Thank god for Emmett!

For an ending, I was most satisfied!

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