Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Does that make me Crazy?

I ran across this at The Vintage Apple.. and thought I might play along!

We all know that I'm a little crazy.  But some of my crazy thing are done by other people too:

  1. I not only talk to my dog, I sing to her.  The songs are generally popular songs, with new lyrics:  i.e. "Do you hear the Misty Bark?"  (you know.. from Les Miserables...)  
  2. Before leaving for work in the morning, and to come home in the afternoon, the last thing I do is make sure I have my phone and keys
  3. Also, after getting into the car every morning, I wonder if I A. Locked the door and B. turned off the coffee pot.  The answer is always yes, but I always wonder.
  4. I have turned around to make sure.
  5. the very last thing that I HAVE to do before going to sleep is pee.  I can watch tv in bed for hours, but before I turn off the lights, I have to get up and pee.
Oh, I know that there are tons more... but I thought I should stop at 5.

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