Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Aahhh, October

October... it's the beginning of fall.  It's also breast cancer awareness month.

Well, it would be fall around here, if the forecast today didn't call for 85 degrees and sauna like conditions.  Seriously, I'm so ready for sweaters, boots and scarves.

As for the breast cancer awareness.... I went yesterday to get a mammogram.

I have been before.  In my early 30's I found a lump.  It wasn't a huge lump, and actually it was gone before I got in to be seen, but still...

For everyone that is afraid of going because it's uncomfortable.  It's the fastest uncomfortable appointment ever.  I was in and out in under 20 minutes, and most of that was filling out that form that every doctor has you fill out.

I put the gown on backwards, let my boobs flop on the machine (only in a mammogram are saggy boobs an advantage), and after hugging the machine and getting the girls squished I was done and on my way.

Easy Peasy.

And for all you pink lovers, now is the time to buy stuff!  Everything comes in pink in October!

And because I love pink.. and girls...

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