Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Glee Project: The results!

(I know.. I'm weeks behinds in Bunheads recaps...  I'll be getting to it later..)

I am a HUGE Glee fan.  Have been from day one.  And because of that, I'm a big The Glee Project fan!

The three finalists were all talented, and so different!

 Ali-  She's small, and spunky and a broadway-style star.  And in a wheelchair.

I'm in awe of her.  The writers wanted to make her a mean girl.  I love it!

Blake is the every man.  He's handsome.  He's a great singer.  He's a trained actor.  He takes direction like a dream.

But we've done him!  It's called Finn Hudson!

My favorite is Aylin.  She's sassy.  She's also Muslim. That type of character simply ins't on TV these days.

Blake won.  Ugh!  The boring choice!!  The other two would have been AMAZING!

But I'm team Aylin all the way.

Come on Ryan Murphy!  It's not too late!  Cast the woman!

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