Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Online window shopping

Sometimes it's dangerous to link surf.

For instance.. I found the FitBit.  It's a small device that will record your level of activity all day... so you can see how big of a couch potato you are, and try to fix it.  It's just shy of $100, and the size of a flash drive.  Weight Watchers is coming out with a similar product, which is half the price, but has a $5 monthly fee and syncs with your e-tools account.  I wonder which would be more cost effective.

The other thing that caught my eye.  We all know that I love paper planners, but the pre-printed ones never suit my needs.  I stumbled across Circa Notebooks yesterday.  I can print my own pages and use the special hole punch to add my own pages!

Am I going to buy any of this?  Probably not.

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