Thursday, August 23, 2012

Motivation.... I don't haz it...

According to my Wii training regimen, today was a rest day.  Which was good, because I couldn't find the motivation to do anything!

I got ready for work, and vowed to come home and do a long work out... in preparation for my dance class that starts a week from today.

What has been on my mind lately is Weight Watchers.  Do I need it?  Do I need the meetings?   It's quite the monthly expense, hence the pondering.  I can track the food on my own.  I was mainly going to the meetings for the.. well.. meetings and to track my weight.  The weight tracking has been frustrating at best.  When I weigh in first thing in the morning, I lose weight, but by the time I get to my meeting, it's gained back and the number there won't budge.

I was pondering forgoing my meetings and instead purchasing a FitBit and the scale.  I pay over $500 a year for Weight Watchers.  These two things would give me the weight and activity tracking I want for under $250.  The only thing I'd be missing out on would be meetings.

It's something to ponder.

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