Thursday, August 16, 2012

Mia Michaels and So You Think You Can Dance

Last night's show was a tribute to Mia Michaels.  the dancers recreated some of her iconic numbers.

All in all, many of the dancers didn't live up to the originals  .  I've already seen the complaints.  It's unfair.  How do you expect to them to do some else's dance?  It was too much pressure to learn those dances!

for example.... my favorite of the night!

The original:

the new version:

And now, I call bullshit.  For all of the whiners, it's not unfair to ask this of these dancers.  Dancers have been dancing pieces made on other dancers for centuries!  Yes, I said centuries.  Tweaks might be made here and there to compensate for height or build differences in partners, or to highlight a special skill that the new dancer has.  But seriously, if you can't do as good a job in someone else's role.. or better... you can't be in the industry.

It's as simple as that.

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