Monday, August 20, 2012

I need a day off to rest up from my weekend

Saturday was the local LGBT Pride day.  It was sunny, and right on the water.  it was perfect.  Unfortunately it was a tad too sunny.  I don't deal well with being in the sun all day, and by 4, I was fried.

BUT... not fried enough to Flamingo my BFF's house!

It could have been worse..... I wanted to find one of these to put in the yard!

Sunday, I felt like death warmed over.  I did manage to wash the puppy...

I also was bad and snacked.  It showed on the scale today.  Must be good for a few days!

This morning it was RAINING!  The pup hates going walkies in the rain (plus it was more of a downpour), so the big walk we do in the morning was cancelled.

This made her sad.

But I got to sleep in a bit and work out!  I'm loving this workout game!!  Seriously!!!  I feel better.  And up until this morning the scale agreed with me.  Now to keep the snacking to a minimum and keep the exercise up until my class starts next week!

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