Saturday, May 26, 2012

Well, I did it, My tubes are tied!!

My journey started yesterday, just before noon. My friend picked me up and brought me to the Surgery Center. I was given an IV, asked my name, birthdate and what I was there for. (actually, I was asked that so many times that I had to get creative)

I was wheeled to the OR, and the sarcastic anesthesia guy pushed the meds. Nice sleep, weird dreams. I remember being asked to stop rubbing my eyes. I was brought to recovery, propped up in a chair, and partially dressed. I was given Percocet, crackers and ginger ale. My friend was brought in. Honestly, I had the worse cramps ever and all I wanted to do was sleep. My blood pressure was really low (who knew! It's usually too hight!), so we waited for the Spousal Equivalent to pick me up.

He came, I was loaded into the car and off to Target we went. After the prescriptions were dropped off, I was taken home. It was three, and I slept off and on until eight or nine. Dinner consisted of saltines, water and a pain pill.

Yesterday, I had the worst cramps ever. Today it's only sore when I move. Today I'm going to watch very old cartoons and feast on Five Guys! Weight Watcher points be damned!

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