Thursday, May 31, 2012

Plans for the future!

I've been asked (and the Spousal Equivalent has been asked, as well).. well, if you're getting your tubes tired.... what about the future.

Because apparently if I don't have biological children, my life is over.  Insert the eye rolling here.

As as matter of fact, we do have plans!

I know that kids are expensive.  And since we have issues affording the dog and cat some months, we decided to wait on kids.  Me being 37 makes waiting VERY difficult.  Plus, babies freak me out.

So our solution:  Someday, when we get the credit straight, and we have some money, we're going to buy a house.  In that house, we'll have some spare rooms.  At that point, we're going to see about becoming foster parents.

Not a bad plan, huh?

As for the house... I have many aspects of the dream house in mind... but that's another post.


Unknown said...

I have a cousin that has 5 adopted children as a result from falling in love with their foster children.

Unknown said...

I keep thinking you're younger than you are, ha ha!