Thursday, May 10, 2012


Last night was my Wednesday Weight Watchers meeting.  I've had a few people tell me:  Why are you paying for someone to help you with weight loss?  Isn't that a waste of money?  My answer:  It works for me.

I sat in the meeting and thought about what works for me and why.  I decided that a cluttered, disorganized life isn't helping me what so ever.  I've noticed that when the house is a mess, I tend to eat out and eat poorly.

So, now in addition to the Weight Watchers, I need to get back into the FlyLady.

I've been kindasorta doing the FlyLady program for a while now.  Instead of having a room a week for my focus, I have a different part of the apartment a day.  I just can't believe it took that long for it to click.  When my life is decluttered, I am a healthier person.

Strangely enough, one of the things that is working for me is not keeping to do lists, or my points journal on my fancy iPhone.  I have a notebook that I keep in my purse for that.  I write out my week's to do lists, keep track of food and appointments in the book.  At night, I cross off everything I've done.  It's very old school, but it works for me!

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