Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day.. and Smash

Can you believe that I haven't blogged about Smash yet?  I know!  Neither can I!

But first.. V-Day!

We all know that the Spousal Equivalent and I don't celebrate.  But we are this year.... kinda.  I had another surprise influx of cash yesterday.  We decided that we might celebrate the occasion with one of my favorite dishes!  Well my health and general state of luckiness prevented us from going to the store.  So the SE is going after work.  We'll prepare the meat so it can marinade overnight and have it tomorrow.  But I did request chocolate cheesecake also be retrieved!  I know, I'm supposed to be doing the Weight Watchers thing.....  but there might be room for a little cheesecake.

(truth be told... I've been VERY lax in the weight loss.  Feeling like crap will do that to a person.  I know.. bad me.  I'll see if I am up to working out after work.)

Now!  Smash!  So, as someone who grew up doing Musical Theater, a person that most of her MP3 collection is musicals, a person that loves Glee.... of course I love the show!

There's only been two episodes so far, but each episode has produced music that I'd go to iTunes and buy, and that's saying something.

I won't spoil it much, but I will say that I'm rooting for Karen Cartwright.  I think Ivy is trying too hard.

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