Thursday, February 16, 2012

Things are slowly but surely getting there

This week was interesting to say the least.  Over the weekend we had some kitten visitors.  These cats undid much of the cleaning progress that I did in the computer room.  But that's ok.  I needed to clean that room better anyways.

The mattress and box spring covers came today.  The new, pet hair friendly vacuum and the air purifiers are on their way.  Y'all know that this means...

(I got it from here)

So this looks to be my weekend:


  • Put the sweaters away in the computer room, where they were supposed to go.
  • wash the couch covers
  • vacuum the couch, and the living room rug
  • put away the clean laundry
Saturday (the tricky one)
  • strip the bed, and move the mattress and box spring elsewhere
  • vacuum under the bed and around it
  • cover said bed items in the new snazzy covers
  • make the bed with clean sheets.
  • Somewhere in there I NEED a haircut.  When you get up and put the hair in a pony tail... it's time to cut it short.
WHY am I doing all of this?  Well with the addition of just the dehumidifier I've been able to stop using my inhaler.  Imagine what I can accomplish during the part of the year where the pollen drifts like snow?

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