Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Smash ReCap: the Cost of Art

Seriously, we all knew I was going to start doing these things!

  • Karen- I must admit, she IS trying too hard.  It's kind of like A Chorus Line's character Cassie.  She was a star looking for a job in the ensemble, and nearly fails... because she stands out too much.  Dial it back Karen, you'll get your chance.  
  • Ivy- are they writing her as a total bitch, or as someone struggling to keep her foothold at the top.  I'm not sure.
  • Derek-  A raise of hands.. who thinks he's sleeping with every woman... ever... I think so too.
  • And Ellis!  What a snake!  I want him to mess up, and Tom to slap the smile off of him!!!
And more next week.... or after I watch it again...

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