Monday, February 20, 2012

The SCA and I

I spent most of my youth, and much of my 20's at the Sterling Renaissance Faire. I just didn't go.  I dressed up.  I tried Elizabethean language.  I even worked there.  I loved it.  I loved the other Rennies.

Then I moved.  There wasn't a faire 15 minutes away.

So I decided to try the SCA.

It wasn't the same.  the SCA is for people that fight, or love research.  it's for crafty people, and at times, people with money.

I'm not really any of those things.

I loved Renaissance faires because there were interesting things to see and do, shows to watch.  All while wearing pretty clothes.  The SCA requires a lot of participation.  Participation above my comfort level at times.  And I really don't like research (even when I was a History major).

After some tries, and many events, I think I'm finally calling it.  I've packed away my fancy dresses.  The SCA is a dream for another day.

Why the nostalgia?  My first even was Tir-y-Don's Birthday and Investiture all those years ago.  The Baron and baroness I saw get... invested.. are stepping down now.

But I don't think I failed.  I just think that I never found my place.

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