Thursday, February 9, 2012

Merrily We Roll Along...

New day, same stuff.  Or so it seems.

In a very un-brilliant move we decided to help some friends out by cat sitting.  Yeah, I know.  Cats are the #3 thing I'm most allergic to.  (#1: dust mite, #2: Rabbits, #4: trees that rain pollen, #5: grasses and #6: dogs).  but they needed help, and will repay the favor for us later on.

I've been doing research.  I know where to get the bedding protection from.  It's where we got my brother's years ago.  I've picked a vacuum.  I've picked two air purifiers: one for the bedroom, and one for the living room.  I'm picking up a dehumidifier today and ordering the bedding protection tonight.  Now all I need are masks for cleaning.

Plus, after the cats leave I'll be getting the house into "we can have company again" shape.  I seriously need to get back on the Fly Lady bandwagon.  Along with the Weight Watchers bandwagon too....

Now, only if I could clean like this!

Except without the roaches, turns out I'm allergic!  And the rats... they're in the rabbit camp.

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