Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Hard decisions

This morning I did some comparative shopping

  • $150 for a stronger vacuum
  • $170 for the protective covering for my bed
  • $100 for a dehumidifier
  • $200 for the air purifier machine
  • $50 a month co-pay for the Singulair.
That all adds up to a WHOLE lot of money.  I was prepared to go and spend $186 on Weight Watchers.  I know that losing that last 40 pounds would help me, and that I do better on Weight Watchers than I do off of it.

But can I really justify spending that much when I need to shell out the above pile of money?  Especially when I spent a very large chunk of it yesterday just getting the allergy testing?

The answer is no.  Instead of spending money on Weight Watchers, I'm going to take that and get a dehumidifier.  We'll look at the mattress and box spring covers another day.


Mrs. Parr said...

Are the mattress/box spring covers something that some one of our very crafty friends could sew or make for you with cheaper materials? Not sure how to help with the other stuff other than to maybe try to find them secondhand? Or see if they're available on a financing plan where you rent to own or something from a medical supply type store. There's a medical supply store over across the street from Fazolis off Jefferson, I think...

Meari said...

It's beyond the do at home kind of deal, and too specialized for most medical supply stores. I am going to check wal Mart/Target for a box spring cover, but the mattress cover... no. A cheap mattress cover is kind of like sleeping on a shopping bag. uncool!

Though, we're borrowing a dehumidifier for a while, and mom is helping me buy the new vacuum, so things aren't that bad!

That being said, I need to visit you soon and bring you things!