Saturday, October 29, 2011

Something afoot at the Circle-K

Well, no... it's church, but that title was better.

I got less than lovely news over the weekend. Apparently church is hurting for money, and among other things, they are keeping the heat at 58 degrees. Yes, we'll have to wear gloves and winter coats.. inside.. on Sunday mornings. I find this disturbing for many, many reasons.

  • To any visitors, it makes us less than desirable.
  • I don't think the choir can practice, or sing in those temperatures. I know I can't. (I have cold induced asthma)
  • It's going to drive people, and their money, away.
  • We give money to charity every week... maybe we should keep it a few weeks to catch up?
  • How about the children, and babies in the nursery? That can't be healthy.
I've heard of people considering leaving the church, and going to one with heat. I've considered stopping my automatic payments.. especially if I'm going to avoid the place until warmer weather comes.

I, and many others, pay as much as we can every month. I, and many others, have the money automatically sent to the church. We're doing all we can, but they want and need more.

I don't have any money left for y'all. Sorry.

Now, I need to decide if I want to even bother going to service tomorrow. I might stay in my warm house and do laundry.

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UU DAvi said...

Just to let you know, the heat is back to normal. I guess people got the hint.