Wednesday, October 5, 2011

GleeCap: Asian F

Bravo! Thank you Ryan Murphy for showing us into your seldom used characters!

Now, my thoughts:
  • Yes, I know the "Asian F" well. My college roommate was from China. It's not a stereotype without basis.
  • Mike Chang... the man caught up in what his parents want for him. Now I wonder about Tina Cohen-Chang... is she part of a family like this? And why is her name hyphenated?
  • Rachael- stop taking everyone else's dreams! I get wanting to play Maria, but class president too? Could you think of Kurt for a minute?
  • Mercedes- Something's up with her. The Spousal Equivalent thinks she's pregnant (we went there, could we not this time?). I think she's got a HUGE case of Diva-itus. She may have deserved the part over Rachael, but her mouthing off to Shue when he was just trying to work on her dancing was uncalled for. And now she's burned those bridges but good.
  • Is Emma off her meds? Or was it the stress of her parents visiting that made the OCD come roaring back?
  • How in the world is Brittany a senior? She really passed enough classes to get there?
No Glee for a few weeks, which makes me a sad panda.

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