Monday, March 21, 2011

My last nerve, or Special Snowflakes go home!

(I've been reading poetry, forgive the title)

I think that in many ways, people are like buckets. No, stick with me... this will make sense.

Positive experiences and interactions fill us up (no inserting dirty jokes here, minds out of the gutter!). Negative experiences empty our buckets.

PMS had sprung a serious hole in my bucket sometime around last Tuesday.
  • By Thursday I was rather empty.
  • Friday, as my Facebook can attest to, was rather trying. the Stupid... how it burns!
  • Saturday, we went to a party, and had to leave early due to in ill-timed asthma attack.
  • Sunday, I had to sing at church. Two services worth. Then we went to clean my junk out of my friend's garage. (remnants of my marriage, not easy stuff to deal with)
It was then, at Subway, that I truly hit empty. The bottom had fallen off my bucket. I didn't have it in me to talk to the lady at the counter and order. We went home and I cried for a while, which helped.

Now it's Monday, and my bucket has a patched bottom, and is half full.

How will you fill someone's bucket today?

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