Wednesday, March 16, 2011

GleeCap: Original Song

First, I squealed so loudly when Blaine kissed Kurt that the dog barked at me.

Second: Loser like me. LOVED it.

Third: Sue... writers, what are you thinking? I miss my old Sue!

Fourth: I really like Rachel in this episode. It showed her humanity. She wasn't the one dimensional bitch like she's portrayed most weeks.

And now to watch it again.


Clint said...

My sole complaint about the show is the fact that Kurt and Blaine's voices do not meld well. They're both good singers, but there was simply something off when you put them together in the duet.

Other than that one little thing, amazing episode (even if my wife remains a heathen and doesn't like the show).

Meari said...

Clint, I agree. As a couple. Oh! So cute! As duet partners? Not so much.

But you can't deny, Blaine has LOADS of charisma!

Unknown said...

Actaully Sue is in a downward spiral and her actions make sense for her. The woman is a control freak you lashes out...and well she has been doing nothing but loosing ALL control.