Saturday, March 12, 2011


I looked around the apartment today. Wow, I have a lot of *stuff*. My goal this week is to toss out 10 things a day. My ultimate goal is to make it easier to move someday!

And, strange as it is, the idea came to be today while watching The Ramen Girl. (That, and a craving for Ramen). I don't know if it's true in real life, but movies always depict these Japanese apartments that are small, and sparse. Heck, it looks like the contents would fit in my Sentra!

That's my goal. Uncluttered. and able to move using mainly my Sentra.

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Mrs. Parr said...

I've repeatedly told Andrew that the next time we move, we're hiring movers to do it for us, no matter what it costs...I cannot even begin to fathom being responsible for packing up ALL the crap we've accumulated, especially since Nora was born!