Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Deep Thoughts Part 2 (of four)

*Second, in what do you have faith in life?

We have a friend, who was sent to the hospital, and got the horrible news of a strep infection (a NASTY one), type II diabetes and leukemia. He's fighting through it (I might have just curled up and died). But the way our community has come together to support him renews my faith in humanity.

*What is it that gives you a sense of being truly at home?

There are times, when it's warm inside my house, I'm covered with a blanket, with a puppy on my lap. The Spousal Equivalent is on the other end of the sofa, petting his cat... It's times like that where I feel truly at home.

*Where can you find a quiet moment, to calm your mind, to rest your body, and to renew your spirit?

There are two places actually. I do a lot of deep thinking during my early morning commute. The traffic is light and I have time to think. But I do a lot of my wishing, hoping and daydreaming in bed. I go to bed a little early, snuggle in under the covers.

*How can you offer that to others, smoothing out the wrinkles in our complicated lives, stepping back and taking stock in how we are in the world?

I don't recommend my meditation methods to people that fall asleep or zone out easily. I think that helping out your neighbors, friends and family needs to be a priority these days. The simple act of a neighborhood teen helping to bring an elderly lady's groceries in goes a little bit to helping someone restore their faith in humanity. We are all interconnected. It's time to act like it.

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