Thursday, September 23, 2010

Healthy Eating: day 2

Well, first, let's back up to dinner last night.

Exercise went out the window after driving around town all day picking up free bagles. I was tired and picked up a pile of frozen veggies and a rotisserie chicken on the way home. The Spousal Equivalent quickly reduced it to a LARGE pile of shredded meat, too big for one meal!

So dinner was: Chicken rice-a-roni (it was in the cupboard), a LARGE pile of veggies (peas, shredded carrots, petit green beans, broccoli and onions, and the shredded chicken. All in all there was just about as many veggies as there was the other stuff.

Three walks with the dog gave me SOME exercise. Today I'm breaking out my new Wii game!

Dinner tonight is comfort food: Perogies, smoked turkey sausage and sauteed green beans. I think Friday will be sauce making day....

Through I'm HUNGRY this morning... I'm wondering if I should have some sort of protien in the morning... I will ponder turkey sausage (or *gasp* fake breakfast meat!)

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