Tuesday, March 9, 2010

New Job!

Tomorrow, I start a new job. It's temporary, but work.

This sounds very familiar. I did this before, back in October. Jobs like this are a mixed blessing. Yes, it's money. But it's money for a finite amount of time.

I have two issues. 1.) Parking. It's EXPENSIVE.

2.) The dress of the office. It's "Conservative dress" This discounts half of my teacher wardrobe. I've VERY aware of how I dress, and am worried that my wardrobe won't fit. So at this point, I'm freaked out about what I should wear tomorrow.

Things to do today
~Figure out a wardrobe
~figure out what to buy for lunches
~figure out where the parking garage is.
~wash dishes. I need to in a BAD way.
~not have a panic attack

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